Differences between a Montessori Classroom and a Public School

With campuses in Pleasant Hill and other California locales, Fountainhead Montessori offers high-quality, child-led educational programming for children. By following the Montessori approach to education, Fountainhead Montessori offers children in Pleasant Hill and other communities the opportunity to learn using all five senses. Additionally, the school offers opportunities for parents to learn more about Montessori education by observing their children in the classroom.

A Montessori classroom environment features an array of specially designed materials that students use to develop understanding of key concepts and skills. Unlike a traditional educational setting, children work at their own pace, with teachers offering gentle guidance rather than instruction. By allowing children to set the pace of their own learning, Montessori environments help children develop autonomy and creative thinking skills that will help them approach future challenges.

Unlike public schools, private Montessori schools do not provide grades as measures of student’s progress. Instead, teachers will conduct conferences and/or provide written narratives to parents to provide detail on each child’s development.